Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Settling In

Last week my post focused on HOW to move from our current place.

Now I need advice on settling into a new house and town. I'm not too worried about myself - I can adjust, but I am worried about my 3 kids.

I know many of you have moved, so I would LOVE some advice on how to make the transition as easy as possible for my little ones.

We will be leaving the only home they've known and moving to another state and into a rather large house. We will also be too far from grandparents to visit on a regular basis (though thank goodness, not too far). I know it will take time for me to figure out the new area, so we might not be going out as much as we used to either. Overall, I'm just worried about their reactions.

Any other advice about settling into a new place would be much appreciated as well. IE - things I should do to settle in (getting a new driver's license, unpacking, finding new doctors, etc.....)



Megan said...

Try and unpack your kid's stuff first so that the first couple of nights in the new place they are surround by their stuff. As far as doctors go, the best way to find new ones is to ask the moms in your new ward. Also, I don't know if Idaho does, but for Utah you can schedule appointments for getting a license and if Idaho does, I suggest you do that so you don't have to take the kids with you.

Jessie said...

I would recommend not trying to make something that is *not* normal seem normal for your kids--make it into an adventure, and make it fun. Maybe a few new toys to play with in the car on the drive, or new treats, or whatever you can think of. Also, talk up the move to your kids. Help them realize how awesome it'll be to have a backyard, bigger house, maybe their own rooms, whatever is going to be cooler about the new place. A chance to meet new friends, they can write letters to their old friends, etc. And then, for you, I'd suggest you throw yourself into the ward as much as you can--it's amazing how quickly we can make friends if we're willing to try. Our kids will follow our examples.

As for doctors, dentists, etc, I'd also ask other people in your ward, but if you're in a situation like me, you'll be on a different insurance than most everyone else, and won't be able to see their doctors. In that case, have Richard ask around at work who people see, and most insurance companies have lists of their providers that you can go off of. Just remember that if you see someone once and you don't like them, you don't have to see them again. Good luck. :)