Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hair TO DO

I LOVE to do my daughter's hair (okay, let's rephrase that... I love how my daughter's hair looks when I've done it really well, and MOST of the time I like doing it... but there are days that I just want to leave her hair like a mop or do a quick ponytail - and sometimes I do). I've invented a lot of different hairstyles (or seen them on little girls and invented my own way to do it) over the past 3 years of doing my daughter's hair. But, after a while I was starting to get bored...

So a few months ago a friend of mine gave me links to the following hair blogs.

It's a Girl Thing
Girly Do Hair Styles
Babes in Hairland
Do's To Choose
Adopt a Do

Now, I won't lie! Some of these hairstyles are WICKED hard. But there are some that are SO easy and fun. I've even been brave enough to try some of the tricky ones (not always with positive results... but we keep at it). In any case - check them out and see what you can find. It's fun to look at the hairdos in any case.

I am by NO MEANS an expert on little girl hair. But I have fun. So here is a hairstyle I love. The following tutorial is something I made up myself (more or less). I kind of meshed a few ideas together as I'd seen little girls in public. It is one of my favorite hair styles and I get compliments on my daughter's hair each time I do it. I love it a ton because it holds REALLY tight and sometimes I don't even redo it the next day. I also love it because it is versatile (there are 4 different ways I've done it). It does take a bit of work, but once you get the hang of it, it is fast to do. It usually takes me less than 10 minutes.

I apologize for my lack of photo skills, I just hope you get the picture.

Step 1: Get the hair SUPER wet (trust me, it will work better if wet). I also add a bit of gel to the hair because my daughter has super silky hair that slips out of anything. Then part down the middle... mine is obviously not ruler straight...

Step 2: Pick up a section of hair off to one side of the part (make it about 1/6 of the hair at the top of her head, if that makes sense at all.... again, after doing it a few times, you'll see how much hair you need to use). Pull it out to make a small ponytail to the halfway point of her head (I think of it this way, I go as far back as I'd go if I were to put her hair half up and half down).

Step 3: Put a small elastic (I use the stretchy ouchless ones) in about an inch from the base of her head. This is important! You need some slack. Also, make sure the rubber band isn't too tight.

Step 4: Split the section of hair in half with your finger and then push the ponytail through to make a twist under (you've probably done this with a regular ponytail and a "topsy turvy" tool.... you see what I mean in the picture).

Step 5: SLOWLY pull it tight. Don't go too fast or the twist will pucker. It will also pucker if your elastic is too tight.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 three more times. You'll want to make the sections of hair about the same.

You'll be making 4 sets of twist and leaving the sides of her hair down by her face.

From here you have options! SO FUN.

Style 1: Curl the hair and leave it down. BACK:


Hairstyle 2: Pull the sides of the hair back until they meet and then add all the little ponytails, so the hair is now half up and half down. This is my favorite to do with this hairdo and I don't even usually bother curling it because it looks cute without. BACK:


Hairstyle 3: Pull all the hair back into a ponytail. I love this one too and usually do this on the second day if I don't have time to do her hair that day. BACK:


Hairstyle 4: Pull the hair into a ponytail and then arrange it into a messy bun. This looks SUPER cute too. I just left her hair like this on Friday and I got so many compliments. BACK: (the front looks about the same as with the ponytail).

You could also try doing this with two ponytails and have some of the mini ponytails cross... but I've never tried that.

If that looks TOTALLY confusing, but you want to try it - give me a call and I can do it with you. It isn't that hard, just hard to explain. :)

That's it! Hair tutorial!! Don't forget to add the hairspray. :)

How do you get your little girl to hold still to get her hair done?
How often do you do a quick hairdo as opposed to a hairdo that takes longer?
On average, how long do you spend doing your little girl's hair?
Do you usually have to fix your daughter's hair after her nap?
Do you read hair blogs? If so, which ones??

We want your input!! This is a time for you to participate.
We'd love to have some quick/cute hairdos that you use on a weekly basis! We'd also love to see some beautiful hairdos that you use for special occasions or church. Just give us the skinny. If you'd like to participate, e-mail us in the next 2 weeks with a few pictures of a hairdo (or two) and a description of how you do it. You can of course leave off shots of your daughter's face if you'd like to protect her privacy. Also - when you e-mail us, let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous or if you'd like to be credited with the hairdo. Then, in a couple of weeks we'll post those hairdos for your to peruse and use!



Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! You can do so much with just one style as a base. I love it!

The Fishes said...

I tried this and it turned out super cute on my 2 year old! It stayed in so well over night!! Nothing else I've tried has stayed in that well! Love it, thanks! I play with hers a bunch right now, using some of the sites you listed. We do pigtails and ponytails, sometimes braids, usually using a few ponytails pulled into one, so I can get all her hair in, when it's longer that won't be as much of a problem. The one most important thing I have learned came from a good friend before my daughter was born. She said to start young! Making sure to even just play with her hair every day. They need to know that this is part of getting ready. My little girl asks to have her hair done now :)

Erin said...

Her hair is GORGEOUS! I can't wait till my little one gets longer hair so I can do stuff with it. Right now all I have are ponytails and piggy tails that use about half her hair!