Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. It is such a fun, easy-going, frilly, lovely holiday that even my sons are having fun anticipating.
Some fun things we have done for Valentine's Day are:

- of course make homemade valentines and treats for friends and neighbors
- decorate the house with paper hearts
- heart attack a friend or neighbor's door
- made heart shaped homemade pizza
- made heart shaped sugar cookies

On my list to try this year...so far:

- make X and O cookies this time
- make scrapbook paper wrapped candy bars for friends and preschool teachers
- report an act of "love" every night at dinner the week of Valentine's, write them on paper hearts and heart attack our closet door
-figure out a non-sugary homemade valentine for my son to make for his preschool class (they have a low sugar/no sugar rule)

I would like to hear your ideas:

What have you done or what do you plan to do this Valentine's Day?

Do you have good teacher gift ideas?

Do you have a low sugar/no sugar homemade valentine ideas...or just any valentine ideas?

Do you have any fun Valentine's Day traditions?

I can't wait to see your comments! Thanks!


Alyssa Harper said...

Delia, you're an inspiration. My valentine's plans are to find a sitter and get a long awaited date with just my husband and I. I know, I too was shocked to be reminded that such a thing still exists. :)

I don't do low-sugar treats, I think...the closest I would get is chocolate dipped strawberries. Kind of expensive, but the fruit is whole and uncooked in all of its natural goodness, and I'm sure young kids would have fun dipping the strawberries. And hey, who's to say you have to stick to strawberries? We think outside of the box here. :)

Also, one more thing. I love flowers. I think most women fall into this category. That said, one thing I want to do while my kids are young is have dad take them out to get flowers for mom. You know, the $2-3 single-stem ones from Walmart or something. And then I'd take them to do something for Dad. Doesn't have to be expensive, but I never had a tradition of honoring my parents on Valentine's, (I mean, I love them with all my heart, but buying presents for mom and dad on V-day just wasn't something we did) and I really want to start that with my kids. I want to instill that romantic lovey-dovey stuff isn't the only kind of love that's celebrated on this holiday.

Alyssa Harper said...

Oh, and for the preschool no-sugar rule, I think any treat can be a valentine's treat with proper packaging. Put goldfish in a cute little red and white box. Perfect.

harmony001 said...

Not really easy to transport, but you could make sugar free jello jigglers. :) A heart shaped cookie cutter would press them out in the right shape! I think laying them on a cold cookie sheet with saran wrap over the top would get them to school.

Erin said...

My mother in law always did the tradition of pink sugar cookies, and I have no choice but to carry on that tradition or her son would feel so deprived. :) She was amazing though. She would make enough cookies to give to all five of her boys elementary classes, and write the names of each classmate on their cookies. I think we may just take some around to our neighbors.

I want to make sure to make some kind of card and send it in the mail to my kids' grandparents. They would enjoy getting a valentine from their grandkids.

What about pencils, stickers, or some little toy from the dollar store or party store? Depending on how many kids are in the class, you could make heart shaped bean bags.

I want to make homemade heart shaped marshmallows and put it in a bag with a packet of hot chocolate for my primary kids.

Tannie Datwyler said...

How DO you make homemade heart shaped marshmallows? I think you should do it and then post it on the "Recipe Village." :)

Erin said...

I have a recipe I was goign to try this week. I will let you know if it works. :)

Chris and Laura said...

I don't have any grand kid valentine's ideas...my daughters still aren't old enough to care. Glow bracelets are popular with my class at school. You can buy them at Walmart for fairly cheap in the party section.

One fun thing I've heard of doing with your husband is going together to the card section of the grocery store. Browse the cards, choose which one you would pick for your spouse, then trade there in the store. Read them, enjoy a sappy moment with the cheesy poems, then put them back. You can share the sentiment without spending the money. :) My husband particularly likes it because then he doesn't have cards floating around after the holiday that he doesn't know what to do with.

Teaching Tiny Tots said...

My girls made a candy topiary for Valentines. It turned out really cute and could make a nice teacher gift. They had so much fun that we will be making another tomorrow using Conversation Hearts!

Here is a link to see the details and a picture. http://www.teaching-tiny-tots.com/toddler-activities-candy-topiary.html