Thursday, September 1, 2011

Waste or Want: #15: Baby Bullet (or other similar food processor)


An appliance to help make baby food and if you get a regular bullet, or something similar, you can make smoothies, sauces, grate cheese, and a number of other things as well!

Average Cost: Anywhere from $30 to over $130

On the One Hand:

The bullet, or something similar, is great at pureeing, blending, chopping, mixing, and other food prep.  Also, the jars are microwave safe, so no having to switch containers when heating things up! It's also smaller than a blender so takes up less counter space.

On the Other Hand:

For baby food, a hand mill works great and is a fraction of the cost.  Also, a blender can do quite a few things that a bullet can and you can find a decent one for around $30 or less.

I've been considering getting a bullet for several months. I have a hand mill and while I don't mind using, if I'm going to make several kinds of food it kind of wears my arm out! Also, my blender is wearing out and doesn't puree things as smooth as I want. So, what's your vote?

Magic Bullet (or something similar)

Waste or Want?
 (and don't forget to tell us why!)


Tannie Datwyler said...

I'd say waste if you have something that works well. I have a small food processor AND a hand blender with a food processing section, a standing kitchen mixer with a pretty hefty blender section, AND a hand mill. So for me it really is a waste.

But for you it might be good if you don't have something else that will work.

I think those bullets are overpriced, but I've always wanted one secretly - they are awesome and you can do a lot of cool things. But it's a waste for me because I honestly have so many other options.

Erin said...

I agree Tannie. If you already have something, there is no need to get something new. I got a magic bullet as a wedding gift, and i don't have a blender or food processor. I think it's a great option and it works really well for purees. I wouldn't get the baby bullet though, since the magic bullet does the same thing with bigger containers so you can use it for other things (like my daily smoothie) :) And I just saw that you posted my baby food tutorial again... awesome! :)