Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top 5

These are the top 5 must haves for my diaper bag lately besides diapers and wipes.  I always seem to have these five things in my bag no matter where I go!

1. Sunscreen - my kids are pretty fair skinned, and with a 3 month old, sunscreen is always in my bag.  I'm currently using banna boat's baby sunscreen (even on me and my hubby), love the smell of sunscreen, it makes me think of summer and water!

2. Extra clothes - this is for both my 3 month old and my 3 year old.  Even though we are basically done potty training, we still tend to have an accident once and awhile out and about.

3. Camera - I've been so good lately about taking my camera out and about with us.

4. Baby Sling - I got a free sling from and am loving it! (If you want one for free, go to and enter the code HVM or FAMILY2011, they didn't pay me of give me compensation in any way for this shout out.)

5. Granola Bars  and a bottle of water - It seems like whenever we go anywhere my 3 year old is hunger (he's a bottomless pit!), so I always pack some granola bars and a bottle of water.

What things are the current it items for bag?


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Laura said...

A plastic grocery bag. This is extremely useful for that nasty diaper you have to change when you aren't near a garbage can, or for the wet clothes and underwear after an accident. Nothing else in the bag gets messy. :)

I also like to keep hand sanitizer in my diaper bag, in case we can't wash our hands before eating or after changing diapers or whenever it might be useful. One of those little 2-inch bottles is plenty for us.