Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Funnies in Pink

We were singing our songs last night as part of our regular bedtime routine. We take turns between Mom or Dad picking a song and my 3-year-old choosing which song she wants. Well, last night, she requested The Pink Song as her final selection. Um...I don't know that one. So she sang it for me:

This is the pink song.
It's my choice to sing it now.
I choose to sing the pink song
because it is my choice.
It is my sacred duty.

I asked her to sing it again so I could learn the words. Her response:

Oh come on, Mom. I was just kidding.

Right. Thanks for letting me know.

Have your kids created any of their own songs?

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Thanks! I needed that. And yes, my daughter always sings her own songs. It's pretty hilarious actually. But I NEVER remember the lyrics and half the time they are gibberish words anyway.

One funny thing that she sings is "this is the way to grandmother's house, grandmother's house, grandmother's house - this is the way to grandmother's house, all through the town" it's totally a weird mix between over the river and through the woods and the wheels on the bus. It's so funny!