Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toddler Learning Activity: Alphabet Bugs

I was a little skeptical of this idea at first.  I wasn't sure if my toddler would be at all interested, but it looked so easy to prep...I thought, "Meh.  What the heck, why not try it?"  Man, was I glad I did.  My boy LOVED it.

This fun learning activity lets your toddler snatch alphabet bugs off you, while getting a lesson in letters to boot! First, print out the sheet of alphabet letter bugs (provided).
Then cut them all out.

To make them a little more sturdy, I glued them to cardstock.  This is completely optional.  We all know they're going to be destroyed at some point anyway. :)

The cutting took me all of 8 minutes during my toddler's nap time.

Next use some tape and stick the letter bugs all over your body and clothes. Then ask your toddler for some help in getting all of the bugs off of you! Let him peel each letter off and while he is doing it, be sure to review each letter and body part. Say " Hey thanks for getting that letter A bug off of my arm!" As he takes them off of you, he can stick them to a wall or poster board. Hype up the fun by making buzzing bug sounds.  Then you can put them all in order at the end and sign the alphabet song together. 
Your toddler will have fun taking the bugs off and helping you out!

Printer to print out Alphabet Bugs
Cardstock to glue the "bugs" onto (optional)
Glue (optional)

If you have older children, you involve them in this activity as well by mixing in your own, homemade "bugs" that'll still challenge them, like sight words, rhyming words, etc.

You can also tape the letters on objects in the room and review those items with your toddler when she takes the bug off. (Ex. couch, chair, rug)  For bilingual kiddos, this is a great opportunity to sub in words in a foreign language.


-Idea and print-out from www.toddlertoddler.com

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Delia said...

This is such a cute, cute idea. I can see my 2 year old loving this one. Thanks for the great inspiration Alyssa!