Saturday, April 9, 2011

FHE: Scripture Treasure Hunt

I did this activity with my then two-year-old about nine months ago. I still look back on it as one of the funnest FHE nights we've had thus far, so I thought I'd share it here.

Song: Search, Ponder and Pray from Children's Songbook

Scripture: There are a bunch mixed in with the activity!

Prep: Find the list of scriptures below. Write each scripture reference on an index card or slip of paper and hide it in the appropriate location. Each card will lead you to the next. Display a picture of Jesus somewhere near a tree (if you can go outside) for your final location and "treasure".

Alma 34:26
(leads to closet--start with this one, it's not hidden anywhere)

Matt. 10:42
(put this on the closet, leads to cup cupboard)

Ps. 26:6
(put this in the cup cupboard, leads to bathroom sink)

Matt. 9:6
(leads to a bed)

1 Ne. 8:10
(leads to a tree outside)

Activity/Lesson: The scriptures are very special and if we will read them, we can find a very special treasure. We are going to read scriptures to find clues to help us figure out what the treasure is.

Read each verse. If your children are old enough, let them help read. Otherwise, read the verse to them and help them decipher the clues and find the next card.

When you reach the end, you find the treasure!

Concluding Scripture: D&C 18:34-36

Notes: You are welcome to adapt this idea by choosing different verses that may fit your house or your children better. You may also want to add a few more or cut back depending on your child's attention span and interest level.

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