Monday, March 21, 2011

Waste or Want #10: Pack n Play


Play pen, that usually includes a bassinet, that is portable and allows young children to either sleep or play in a contained area.

Average Cost: New: $60-150

On the one hand . . .

Pack n Plays are great for when you have more than one child that takes a nap at one time and shares a bedroom. It also allows you to have a safe area to lay babies down without fear of rolling of a bed, couch, or other area off the floor. Also, where the pack n play is portable you can have a familiar place for your child to nap when they are not at home.

On the other hand . . .

A bed in another room works just as well as a pack n play to lay a sleeping child down in. You can always lay a baby somewhere extremely low to the floor or on a blanket on the floor. Also, if it is just once in awhile, most children will sleep on any bed when you are not at home.

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Pack n Play: Waste or Want?

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Laura said...

I say want. We use ours all the time. It's nice for nap times--at night, my girls share a bedroom with no problem. During the day, though, they just play and keep each other awake if they are in the same room. My youngest, then, sleeps in the pack n play in another room and it works great.

It's really nice to have for trips. We used it just this weekend when my daughters stayed at my parents' house while my husband and I went out of town. It was very convenient for Grandma to have a place for her to sleep when she's still not big enough to be out of a crib.

I like using the bassinet attachment with my newborns. When they are tiny and there is absolutely no worry of them rolling, it is very nice for me to not have to bend over so far to get them out of bed, especially in the middle of the night.

Overall, I find the conveniences quite worth the cost.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I agree with Laura - I say want for me. We have one we bought with our first and we've used it PLENTY!! We do the same for naps as Laura said - since my kids share a room one sleeps in my room during naptime in the pack 'n play. We too use it on trips often and we've used it camping as well. It's fabulous.

Heather said...

Want! They are durable and indispensable for trips. They work great for camping, too. And I pull mine out when I'm babysitting little ones who need a nap time.

Raylyn said...

Want for all the above reasons:)

BECKY said...

i can't think of any way it would be a waste, unless you spend a zillion bucks on it. i got mine used at a yard sale and cleaned it up and it's perfect. everyone needs on for the time when you go on vacation or when you just need to coop your babe up for a min!