Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome Back!...sort of

We've missed you!

After our temporary holiday hiatus, the Village panel is back and ready to go with all new posts, reader requests, and parenting advice, tips, and tricks for the new year. Our first resolution is to make sure we are truly meeting the needs of all our Village readers, which brings us to our first question of the year...

What do you want to see on the Village?

In addition to reader requests (keep them coming!), Waste and Want, activities and recipes, we want to expand our horizons to include a much wider range of topics, styles, and formats.

Are there any topics you would like to see discussed?

Any post formats or column subjects you would be interested in reading on a regular basis?

Any suggestions to make the Village the best it can be?

Leave us a comment or, if you prefer, send us an email at thevillageformoms@gmail.com. The Village survives on its readers, so, please tell us what you want to see!


Anonymous said...

I would love to see some tips on how to teach the concept of humility to kids. I have a six year old that KNOWS IT ALL. I know that's really common for her age, but it's worrying me.

Our daughter is really bright. She's very curious, always reading and wanting to learn new things. I definitely don't want to squelch that passion as I do see it as one of her God-given gifts and talents, but I think being humble is equally important.

Outside of modeling humility, how do you teach the concept? Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!

Heather said...

I'd enjoy seeing ideas for keeping up with your home by enlisting your children's help. What types of chores are appropriate for different ages? When/how do you teach them? I'd love a little discussion on whether to save for your child's college education or expect them to pay for themselves. I'd be interested on ideas to teach children math at home--what activities reinforce number sense that are also fun to do? Also, for my personal benefit especially, how do you curb talking back from children. We make every effort to teach respect, but my 5 year old (though she is mainly respectful to others) has gotten into the habit of sassing my husband and I or just using an inappropriate tone of voice. Ideas would be much appreciated.