Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Waste or Want #4: Bumbo Chairs

Featured Product: Bumbo Chair


The Bumbo is a lightweight, foam chair designed to support a small baby. The chair is designed with a high back and sides to support the infant. While there are no straps or restraints, the openings for the legs do taper at the top to help prevent the child from wiggling free. A variety of colors are available.

Average Cost: approx. $40

On the one hand...

For infants who can support their own neck, the Bumbo chair gives them a method for strengthening those muscles while providing a change of scenery. The snugness of the chair can give a sense of security away from being held. The chair is lightweight, making it easy to transport inside or outside the home. It is also easily washable.

A tray can be purchased separately and attached to the front of the chair. This can be used for toys for a child who cannot sit independently yet, or for feeding a child who is not quite big enough or strong enough for a regular high chair.

On the other hand...

A child may outgrow the Bumbo chair quickly--a child who is mobile may not like being confined, or a child who has become stronger may be able to tip the chair over and/or pull themselves free. Some children are put into the chair too often for convenience's sake and do not gain the mobility or diversity of movement they would if they were on the floor. There are also safety concerns. If they chair is used on an elevated surface such as a table or counter top, the child may accidentally move the chair and fall to the floor, potentially causing serious injury.

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Bumbo Baby Chair: Waste or Want?

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Rebecca said...

Waste. The only time it was nice to have is when we were on a family vacation. We took it along with the play tray so we could feed her. Besides that I haven't really used it much. I've also read that they can hinder a baby's ability to sit on their own. Not sure if that is true but I could see how it could be. I got it as a gift and probably wouldn't have purchased one if I didn't get one. Not worth the money in my opinion.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Waste for me - I also own one but it was a gift as well. With my first I didn't have one and seriously between the swing, bouncy chair, and exersaucer I had so many things to put her in I didn't know what I was missing.

With my son we had one and he didn't like it. As a baby we'd put him in it and he'd arch his back and want to get out. Even now (he's more than a year and a half) he won't sit in it for too long. The only real use we've had for it is using it as booster chair when we have extra company. We just put it on our kitchen chair for our daughter to eat in for dinner when someone else needs our other booster. But seriously, we could do without.

If you are thinking of getting one - I say borrow one from a friend and see if your baby even likes it. Some people LOVE them - but we've just not had success.

Alyssa Harper said...

Oh my. Want! Want! Double want! P.S. Borrowed one from my SIL and ADORED it. My boy LOVED to sit and observe what was going on around us...especially when he couldn't sit on his own, so for a mother who still wanted to get homework done, clean the house, and work out in the living room, the Bumbo was GOD SENT. My boy was never super mobile though. He was a lump...I mean, all babies are at least somewhat lump-ish when young, but mine was a SUPER lump.

My boy started solids early as well. Right at the beginning of 4 months, so of course he couldn't sit up, but he loved eating his rice cereal (although I can't imagine why. That stuff looks disgusting). The Bumbo was great for meal times and SO easy to clean.

As far as dangers of putting it on an elevated surface...if you don't do it, there's no danger. By the way, the box says not to do it, so I wouldn't recommend it either.

Overall, I think it depends on the personality of your child. Mine was mellow and not into being super mobile when young, so the Bumbo worked. If you haven't bought one yet and are considering to do so, I would first borrow one from someone and see if you child takes to it or not.

Delia said...

Waste. But it really depends on your kids. I would be careful of letting it replace needed tummy time which will motivate them to get mobile. They are a life saver especially with the second child but so are those bouncers and the bouncers encourage a bit more movement...BUT you can't use them as early. Give and take.

They are expensive. If you can borrow do...if only for a couple months.

Heather said...

Waste. I didn't have it for my daughter (and didn't miss it) and my son wouldn't tolerate it for long at all. And they aren't cheap, either.

Jessie said...

Want. While my daughter doesn't love to be in it all the time, she will sit in it to eat (takes much less space than a high chair), and also will sit in it on the table (while I am RIGHT next to her, I would never leave her there unsupervised) while my girls and I do art projects at the table, or while we play games with my family, which we do at least once a week. Obviously we don't NEED it, but I love having it, it's much easier to play games with little pieces when I'm not holding her. And I am SO glad to have the space back that a high chair would have taken.

LeeAnne said...

Waste for me. Didn't know about it when I had my first and didn't miss it. I considered getting one for my second because I'd heard a lot of recommendations but a) I thought it was overpriced, and b)the baby was too big when he was at the recommended age to use it anyway!

Megan said...

Waste, for me. I don't own one, but I looked at buying one and by the time my little guy was the recommended age, I already had a bouncer, a saucer, and a swing that I could put him.