Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eating for TWO

It seems that food is constantly on my mind these days. I know that medically speaking your body only needs 300 extra calories per day to grow a child, but when I'm pregnant I am almost ALWAYS hungry. I seem to be always planning what I will eat next (most of the time with dread since I feel like I'm always on the hunt for food). It literally feels like I'm eating double what I'm accustomed to, and that I am indeed "eating for two".

I also know that weight gain is a touchy subject when pregnant. Some ladies gain a lot and some very little. Some eat whatever they want and gain only a few pounds. Some eat really healthy and gain quite a bit. There doesn't seem to be any explanation for all this. But what I do know is that counting/cutting calories when pregnant is dangerous and very unhealthy. If you are hungry you should eat! Your body knows what it needs when you are pregnant.
However, that doesn't mean that while pregnant we should throw out the rule book and eat German Chocolate cake for breakfast every day. :) Though, if that's the only thing that sounds good to you, I say more power to you. Hehehe.

What I need are GOOD nutritious foods that will ONE - fill me up and TWO - taste delicious. So here are a few of my pregnancy favorite standbys....

Toast - my favorite varieties are with wheat bread because it sticks to you more. I like to put peanut butter (again, it has staying power) and honey on mine. Or cream cheese and strawberry jam. I also love raisin bread toasted with a little butter and cinnamon.

Cereal - cold cereal with milk will actually provide your body with a lot of the vitamins you need, plus the milk will give you calcium and protein. Sugar cereals won't stay with you though, so my favorites are wheat Chex, honey bunches of oats, or Quaker oat squares. I think I eat 2-3 bowls per day.

Granola Bars - these seem to stick longer with me!

Yogurt - I like yoplait fat free. It fills me up without offering empty calories I don't need.

Tomato/vegetable juice - I know this one sounds weird, but tomato juice is VERY filling and will offer you so many nutrients your body craves. Plus, it doesn't have many calories so it is a WIN WIN! Try it! Pair it with crackers and it's a nice snack that will hold you until dinner.

Apples - For some reason the juicy and crunchy quality of this fruit really helps to ease my tummy and fills me up very well. All fresh fruits are a win, but apples are cheap and a BIG standby for me when pregnant.

Popsicles - This one doesn't really fill me up, but it does soothe nauseated tummies. Pace bars are my favorite variety but I've also been known to eat 2 or 3 otter pops in one sitting. Popsicles are awesome because they give you needed fluids and as I said, can calm an upset stomach.

Those are my best suggestions! But I want YOURS.

What do you eat when you are pregnant that fills you up?
What are some healthy snacks/meals you can eat while being pregnant?
What foods do you eat that help ease your nausea?

Thanks for reading and helping me out! Be sure to check out the post below on Halloween Costumes!


Rebecca said...

When I was pregnant I didn't get hungry all of the time (or maybe I did but it wasn't as bad as it is now) but as a nursing mom I am always hungry! Some of the things that help me keep full longer are...
*Drinking a lot of water or a big glass of milk with meals
*Frosted Mini-Wheats or Grape Nuts

Healthy snacks I like...
*String cheese

Delia said...

Seriously you have to just eat what you can stomach I think. Listen to your cravings...for the most part...not the one telling you that you need cake all day :). I craved red meat with my second child. I am prone to anemia since I started having kids so this craving didn't surprise me too much. I needed the extra iron. Even with those other cravings that are bad for you, like ice cream five times a day...maybe take time to interpret them. Does your body need more calcium and fat? Opt for yogurt, or a glass of milk or cold cereal.

Cheese is great. That actually soothes my stomach a little. Again..that it just me. Do what works for you. Popsicles I think would make me feel worse. I don't know...I will have to try that next time around.

It also changes from pregnancy to pregnancy for me. It may for you as well.

Nuts are fantastic as a snack anytime. If I am really hungry I can pop a handful of almonds into my mouth and feel noticeably better in five minutes.

Alyssa Harper said...

Ditto to all of the above, plus all your great tips, Tannie.

I ate saltine crackers...a lot...ex-that...a lot more than I should have, because

a)low in calories, which relatively filled me up, but still left ample food for healthy food. (Basically took away those side-aching HUNGER cravings, so I could focus more sensibly on NUTRIENT cravings), and
b)made me REALLY thirsty (dang, all that salt), which made me want to drink tons of water. Water during pregnancy = good. Me = hates drinking plain water...unless following 4-5 saltine crackers.

P.S. A lot of our pregnancy HUNGER cravings may be masked by being thirsty. It's true for non-pregos, and the same is true for us incubating babies. as mentioned before, getting adequate fluids is ESSENTIAL. Try to stay with milk and/or water, which are 100% good for you, but if you have to resort to juice or something (I know I did), that's okay! Make sure you stay hydrated.

There's my 2 cents. Refer to all the great advice from these ladies for more nutrient tips. :)

Megan said...

During the winter months, dried fruit. Also, toast with peanut butter is a staple for me. Also, applesauce soothes my stomach, but you have to make sure to get the all natural no sugar added kind. Wheat things, and bland crackers are also a staple.

Jes said...

When Im pregnant I LIVE off of Jamba Juice (and other fruity things)! I also eat lots of pastas, snack on cheese and crackers, fruits, and for nausea I suck on Jolly Ranchers! (<--works like a charm!)