Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waste or Want #2: Boppy Pillows

Featured Product: Boppy Pillows


The Boppy pillow is designed to function as a nursing support pillow. The pillow wraps around the mother's waist to support the infant's body while nursing or bottle feeding. The pillow can also serve as a way to cradle an infant for either sitting time or tummy time.

Average Cost: $30-35 for pillow, $5-10 for additional slipcovers

On the one hand...

The Boppy frees the parent's hands while baby is eating. Mom or Dad can possibly do other things, such as reading, while baby eats. Having the extra support from the pillow can let Mom relax her arms and back while nursing, helping with the success of breastfeeding.

Tummy time is essential for muscle development. Using the Boppy lets the baby get tummy time without having their face quite so close to the floor, allowing both for better air circulation and more scenes in the baby's view to watch. The semi-circle design of the pillow encloses the baby to prevent falls. The same can be said for sitting up.

On the other hand...

Nursing can be done easily using pillows or the armrests on couches or chairs. Propping baby up on top of a pillow may increase the chances of falls and/or injury to the baby, so tummy time would be better flat on the floor.

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Boppy Nursing Pillow: Waste or Want?

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Jennifer said...

I love my Bobby pillow and have used it for both babies. I had major back pains with my second and having pillow around you that doesn't move is so helpful and also puts your baby up higher to make your back hurt less.
I also used it for my first when he was learning to sit up. He learned to sit up by himself so much faster than other babies his age.
Funny-I also used it when I was pregnant the second time when I was sleeping. It wraps around your pregnant belly so well...
One more thing. If you think the price is a big steep for a pillow, you can make one really easy.

So-totally worth it for me.

Megan said...

Want! My little guy was a horrible nurser due to having a feeding tube for the first couple of days. The pillow was such a help in nursing and in supporting him later on when he tried to sit up.

Jessie said...

Waste. Let me explain, though--I'm not opposed to boppies, at all. I was just never given one, and thought they were too expensive to buy one. I've nursed 3 babies just fine without one. I try to rely on a minimal amount of stuff when nursing, so when I'm out and about, I'll be ok whether I have it or not. A boppy pillow is not minimal. :)

Alyssa Harper said...

WASTE. I was given two...and hardly ever used them. When my baby's crying for food, I hardly ever have time to find the Boppy, shove it around my middle (p.s. what am I supposed to do with my baby while I'm doing the boppy-shoving?), put the baby on top, latch him on, and then relax. A regular pillow works fine, and I have them all over the house. And I never really got the reading-while-nursing thing down. Where on earth do you rest your arms? On top of the kid? I would have to hold the book up in mid-air, which was almost more tiring than just holding my sweet baby and watching him nurse. (Which I love, by the way.) Plus, both boppies were much too flat, which put the baby too low, and I'd have to hunch over to feed him. Hurt my back more than just nursing him like normal.

As far as sitting support, I used a Bumbo, which I seriously ADORED. A lot more stable and supportive than a boppy when baby's learning to sit.

For tummy time, I preferred a rolled up towel. My baby drooled way too much for me to want to wash the boppy cover every single day.

Britta said...

I got one at a garage sale for my second baby- it washes and dries just fine so I didn't mind buying it second-hand. But it hasn't been what I expected it to be.

I'm a plus size mom and the pillow won't fit around my waste-even though the tag says its supposed to stretch. That was a disappointment. But I love putting my daughter in it- both laying on her front or back. My older daughter loves playing with it too.

It did help also when my baby got a cold and I had to sleep her upright for several nights.

Since I got it discounted I'd say I love it. But for plus sized moms, its pretty much a waste for not being able to serve its primary function.

Chris and Laura said...

I find myself rather ambivalent when it comes to the boppy...I did buy one when my first baby was born. I liked having it when I was nursing, but it was awkward to get it on and off while holding the baby. That was frustrating enough sometimes that I didn't bother.

I did like it for propping the baby up. Bumbos are nice for when baby is bigger, but for newborns that can't hold up their heads at all, the boppy was nice. When my second was tiny it was nice to have her in the boppy because it gave her that extra layer of protection from her 2-yr-old sister.

So, I guess it is something that I want, but if you're debating, think about what exactly you want to use it for and maybe try a friend's first.

Christian and Lisa said...

I loved having my boppy when my kids were newborns. It made nighttime feedings just a little bit easier. The boppy gave just the right support when I was too exhausted to just hold them up. During the day, I just used whatever was closest be it pillow or boppy.

I don't know if I would run out and bought one, but I was glad that I had one given to me.

Delia said...

WANT...but borrow if you can. Expensive but so nice to have. I think they go in the bumbo category. They are really helpful but you could live without it just fine. I think Walmart sells a decent one for $ that is cheaper than the "Boppy" brand. It helped a ton with newborn nursing and propping them up after they eat so they don't spit up.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Want - I had some babies that were really tricky for nursing. This thing saved my life. True, you acn get along with out it. But why? Yes it is expensive, but if you are planning on having a lot of kids, it's so worth it. For me at least. :)

LeeAnne said...

Want, but not for the reasons I expected! I had heard that the Boppy is a must-have, and bought one before I had my first baby. I didn't find it very helpful for nursing (it held my baby too low, though that might have to do with the fact that I have a long torso). I was in a lot of pain down there after having the first baby, and the little inflatable donut pillow didn't help at all. It occured to me to try sitting on the Boppy and it was a lifesaver for me! :) I later used it to prop up my baby on his tummy, which he enjoyed. After I had my second baby I wasn't in anywhere near as much pain so I didn't feel like I really needed to sit on the thing, but again, it was useful for tummy time- my baby tolerated it, as opposed to screaming on the floor :)

Heather Albee-Scott said...

I loved my daughter's boppy pillow for her playtime, but it didn't work so well for me when I nursed.

Jes said...

LOVED mine (actually have 2 now)
Yes, could live without it, but I thought it was more comfortable and handy. I love that it helps prevent tired/sore arms when just holding a baby too, so my 2 year old can enjoy begging to hold her new baby brother even more! (lol)
Theyre great, I really love mine! :) ...Also yes, they wash up way easily, no worries and you can always have 2 different covers to switch in between too.