Friday, January 22, 2010

Stain, Stain, Go Away!

An unfortunate side effect I've found of being a mother is how many things end up with large stains...clothes, the couch, the carpet. It seems that no matter how quickly I try to wipe it off or mop it up, the unsightly blemish still graces my furniture on a regular basis.

There is only one grand stain-fighting secret I know, and I give full credit to my mom and sister who introduced it to me: Fels Naptha. It is a yellow bar soap and it works wonders on those colorful stains left by blow-out diapers. Rinse out the cloth to begin with, scrub the soap in while it's still wet, and wash as usual. Nine times out of ten, you'll never even know it was there.

This soap only costs $1.09 last I checked, and one bar lasts for a long time. Walmart does not carry it, but I have seen it at most other major grocery store chains in the laundry detergent aisle.

Whether it be spit-up, food, spilled milk, or the unsightly mark of a blowout, sometimes we need a little more than elbow grease to really get the job done.


What products have you found that work well for you?

For clothes? Furniture? Carpet?

And for which stains in particular?


Megan said...

Zout!!! It works on everything. Lucas spilled red pop on my couch and two weeks after the stain, zout took out what the other cleaner didn't. It works great on laundry as well. It takes everything out!

Jared and Delia said...

Yay...I really needed these tips and I had not heard of either products that Megan and Laura mentioned! Yippee!

I do know how to get pee smell out though. It takes several applications and tries but first soak the area (my couch has been a target many times) with water and some dish soap - make sure to *really* soak it to clean {as much as that is possible} and dilute the pee. Then soak in some white vinegar into the area. Let it dry overnight. Sprinkle a lot of baking soda on top and let it set for a day. You may have to repeat this several times. Shake out or vacuum out the baking soda. Repeat as needed. Then when it is just a faint whisper of an odor I spray fabric refresher on and voila it is gone. Pee is the HARDEST smell stain to get out! It drives me nuts. This is what I have done so far, but if anyone has a better method than this PLEASE share!

I also like Borax for a laundry booster. Some people have had better success with it removing stains than I have, but it has worked just pretty well for me so far. We have ruined a lot of shirts and I have tried really hard to catch the stains before they set, so I REALLY need more assistance in this area. I am going to get that fels-naptha bar next week. Thanks!

Fisher Fam said...

As odd as it sounds - for things like food stains on white shirts, or even blood, I have started to use my Bath & Body Works soap, the kind with the littls beads in it. It works GREAT! It was what was at hand one time and I was seriously impressed with it, and it smells great after. Must be those scrubby bead things, otherwise we use Shout.

Alyssa Harper said...

I'm with Fisher Fam. For blowout stains on clothes, regular hand soap works great. All of my son's onesies are still perfectly white because of hand soap wonders. Just be religious about scrubbing messes before the thing dries.

Diane said...

what always works with me is Oxy Clean - the powder stuff. It's kind of expensive, but lasts FOREVER!! I use it mostly on clothes, but have also used it on furniture, and I'm sure would work on anything. It gets out blood, pasta sauce, spit up, blow outs, dirt, chocolate, and even the yellow stains that come from your previous babies spit up that somehow magically appears while the clothes sit in the box waiting to be worn again. It's even worked after the clothes have been previously been washed and dried. Here's what I do: get the area wet w/water that needs to be cleaned. Sprinkle the oxy clean powder all over the spot. Then with a spray bottle on mist spray the oxy clean until it is completely wet. Leave on for at least a day I guess, or however long. The more you continually wet it w/the water bottle the faster it will work and the more stain it will get out. I have left it on clothes for a couple days (I forgot about it) but it's been fine. I think I've noticed on maybe two shirts that it kind of lightened the color of the shirt as well as get the spot out, but usually it's fine- I'm sure if I hadn't left it on so long it wouldn't do that.

Anyway, it takes a little time, but it works great for me! :)

Raylynk said...

I love Oxy Clean (powder kind), Shout, and Borax, sometimes I also use White King I've never used it on a stain but it makes my whites look great. Like everyone said it's just a matter of washing it before it dries. I definetley want to try that Fels Naptha stuff, sounds cheap and like it would last a long time!