Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pets and Children

We recently added a new member to our family, a golden retriever puppy named Coco. We love Coco! She has been so much fun to play with and spend time with. However, my son is not too sure of her. She is a puppy and does like to jump and nip at people and we are training her to not do this and to follow other simple commands that a good dog follows. My issue is with Lucas; he is scared of her! She hasn't done anything to really hurt him, he is frightened of her jumping on him. I know this is normal, but it would be nice if I didn't have to be right by his side when we go into the yard or out to the car.

If you have had a pet, how long did it take your children to get used to them?
Was there anything you did to speed up the process?
How did you involve your children with training the pet?
What responsibilities did you giver you children regarding the pet?

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Ashley Ann said...

Just found you guys. Great site. I really like the EASY crafts. I am usually overwhelmed by crafts but I think that even I could do those. Thanks!

Jared and Delia said...

I would like to offer some advice but all we have had are fish and a salamander. My son liked to take the salamander out of the tank and line him up with his cars. Not exactly good pet etiquette. :) So I can't be of much help. Good luck!

Universitybabe said...

We are still renting so no pets at our house but here is my situation and some ideas that might help. As said before we don't have any pets. However every week we visit an Aunt who has two dogs. (And we are finding that most of the extended family has pets when we go visit.) My kids have gone through a couple of stages when they have "freaked out" at the animals but I always ask the pet owners not to lock up the animals on account of my kids. I figure my kids will adjust--and they always do. If they are scared they will sit on the couch but eventually sitting on the couch to avoid a dog gets old. My kids have learned to tell a dog no and I keep out an eye on the animals pretty close because they can get jelous of a kid or baby pretty quick. Basically the only suggestions I can give are one, to not force the animal on the kid. If the kid doesn't want anything to do with it than it will just prolong the period of frustration to have to interact with the animal. At the same time don't put the pet out every time the kid comes in as you child will learn to get use to it. If you can describe the actions of the animal--such as he wants to smell you, or he likes you kids usually respond more positively. I grew up in a home where at some point or another we had just about every animal pet you could imagine. Until a child is old enough to be completely responsible for a pet you should probably plan on doing everything for it. That being said if you make feeding that pet a child's responsibility than you can remind them and let them fill the bowls etc. But, you will still be doing it a lot.