Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Requests From Our Readers: Week 13

This week we are talking about pregnancy. Check out what our reader said:

"Some of you know I am newly expecting, and I will be a first time mom! I know you guys know how it feels to find out you are pregnant for the first time. I'm going through all kinds of emotions right now, and it feels like time is standing still because I just want a little cutie in my arms right now, though I know I need the time to prepare, spend time alone with my husband, etc. I'd appreciate a topic sometime along the lines of finding out your are expecting for the first time.

What do you do to help ease the anxiety and overwhelming excitement that gets in they way of getting things done each day?>
How do you stop freaking out about possibly miscarrying while in the first trimester?
How do you help morning sickness?
Is there anything that can help get your energy up a little bit?
Are there any good ways to get organized with everything you need to buy, and all the preparing? It's already overwhelming me!

So help her out!! Answer her specific questions and give us any other advice that you can on being a first time mom.


On The Go Family said...

It's been a long time since I've been pregnant as our youngest is about to turn three, but I think the best thing you can do is stay busy. The more you sit around and think about the pregnancy, the longer it will seem to take! Pick up a hobby, find a new project or find someone around you who needs help. Focusing outward always helps minimize my own worries and fears.

We've always waited a long time to tell friends and family, and that helps, too. Rather than 40 weeks of people asking how we're doing, how I'm feeling, what gender we want to have, etc, we generally only have about 20. We didn't announce we were expecting #2 until I had already had my 20-week sono.

As for getting some extra energy, my best tips are to eat healthy (small meals with a couple snacks in between), exercise and take a daily power nap. I found that if I slept too long, I would just be lethargic. A 15-30 minute daily nap gave me the get up and go I needed to still get things done. Healthy snacks helped get rid of the nausea without making me feel heavy, bloated or stuffed.

It's not wise to start a new exercise regimen when you're pregnant, but if you were active prior to pregnancy, with your dr's approval, you can continue with a low-impact regimen for quite some time. If you weren't exercising before, you can always start walking or swimming. Both will help increase your endurance for when the big day does finally arrive for you to give birth. And it will help you recover a lot faster, too.

Good luck! I hope all continues to go well for you.

Beth said...

My first baby is only 2 months old, so I still remember this well.

Sam is actually the result of my second pregnancy - the first ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks. I spent the first month or so of my second pregnancy totally freaking out and crying a lot, until I had a heart-to-heart with my husband and that made me feel a lot better. If you do miscarry, know that it is more common than you think and there are tons of women who can support you.

I dealt with the morning sickness by eating a light snack every time I felt nauseous, like a granola bar. For me, the nausea came when my stomach was empty. By keeping just a little bit of something in my stomach i was able to ward it off most of the time. Also some excercise helped.

I had been doing karate for about 6 months before I got pregnant and i was able to continue fairly rigorously until I was about 39 weeks. Sam was born at 41 weeks and then I went back to classes about 4 weeks after giving birth.

As for organization, we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl until the delivery. So we just bought everything in green. This annoyed some people, but we really liked being surprised. It was awesome. Also, if Sam ever has a sister she'll be able to use/ wear 85% of the stuff we've already got.

Alyssa Harper said...

My youngest is 7 months old, so I JUST came out of the whole pregnancy thing. It's fun, isn't it?

I looked online for lists of "what to buy" and got overwhelmed after 30 seconds. Honestly, half of that stuff is being prepared for "what if's" and every mom doesn't need all of it. Looking back, I would try and use A LOT of self control and not buy anything major until 7-8 months along. In the meantime, check with friends, neighbors, and family for hand-me downs. Babies are expensive, as you probably already know. In addition, most of your baby showers will probably happen in your 8-9 month...which will most likely give you a mountain of stuff to start out with. Oh, and it's okay to have some stuff missing by the time the baby comes...that's what Walmart's for.

Miscarriage in the first trimester? To be honest, I was freaked out about it too. If you've got a history of it in your family, I would talk to your doctor and get his opinion about bed rest. However, in general, as long as you're being healthy, you're baby will be as healthy as possible. There's no proven study that says staying active will cause a miscarriage, so exercise away! (in moderation, of course) I ran 3-miles a day up until my 6th month. I felt great and my baby was born perfectly healthy...but then I was doing that before getting pregnant. Keep your exercise in line with, or a little less intense than before pregnancy and you'll be fine. (Even a week before delivery, I was doing workout videos at home...because I looked too pathetic to exercise anywhere else. :) At least take a walk around the block every day. Honestly, it keeps you energized like nothing else will.

Congratulations with your pregnancy! Good luck with everything!

Rebecca said...

I am pregnant with my first too! I'm 18 weeks pregnant so I still remember that first trimester pretty well.

I was so terrified of miscarriage for the first part of my trimester. I had lots of weird symptoms and was convinced that I was miscarrying. But then I realized there was nothing I could do about it and I should just enjoy this time. So just enjoy being pregnant and just keep praying that everything continues to go well! :)

As for the morning sickness, I couldn't really find anything to help me with mine. What got me through it was just thinking that this would all be worth it and knowing that it won't last forever. Keeping yourself busy can help too. I remember my days off of work were the days that I was most sick.

And with the energy, just realize that it's okay that you're more tired. You're body is hard at work right now! So don't feel guilty if you're not getting all the things done that you want to. Exercise definitely can help give you an extra boost though. I like to take walks with my hubby in the evening. It gives us time together and it gives me a nice little boost.

Good luck with your pregnancy, and congrats!!!

Megan said...

For my first trimester I was terrified of miscarrying. I had to remind myself that as long as I was doing what my doctor told me to, then there was nothing more I could do besides pray. I think you have to push the fears out of your mind and not think about it.

Exercise helps in keeping your energy up. After my first trimester I wasn't able to exercise per doctor instructions, but it did help in my first trimester.

Like has been mentioned before, don't make any big purchases until later in your pregnancy. You will receive a lot of things like diapers, onesies, wipes, and all sorts of other things at your shower. I'd wait until you showers to buy what you don't get.

Enjoy this time because you can never get it back!

Jared and Delia said... have received a lot of good advice. Here are some more thoughts just in case:

Just keep praying for comfort. Ask for a blessing from your husband.

I agree on waiting to get stuff but readying the nursery can also help you look forward to the event, keep you busy, and bring you comfort and joy. Others beside parents will most likely not get your bedding and a crib and such so you can start looking on craigslist for a used crib if money is tight {especially with everything that you have to buy} and you will have plenty of time to find the right one.

Whenever you feel like you just want to hold that baby already, create a journal just for him/her and write to your baby in it. It will be a treasure for your baby later.

Best wishes!

Diane said...

I am about 35 weeks along with my second son now. With both kids we waited quite a while to tell anyone we were pregnant. I think that helped keep my worries down - especially through the 1st trimester, because I knew if something happened I wouldn't have people asking me all the time, and I wouldn't have to tell anyone. I also worry too much that I'd jinx myself, but that's just me.

Saltine crackers really helped me with my morning sickness with my first. I ALWAYS had some by my bed and would eat them all day long.

W/both pregnancies I've been SUPER tired in the 1st and 3rd trimesters. The second tri is always the best! I've had tons more energy, over the morning sickness, and enjoy showing off the little pooch that is starting to show. :)

Another thing I've learned is to relax and just enjoy each day. If something doesn't get done, it doesn't matter. Life isn't over if the house is a mess or the dishes aren't washed. It all gets done eventually. If there are too many things on your plate, just pick one a day and if you get more done - great! :) If not, no big deal.

Good luck and have fun!!! :) it really is a great experience!!! One thing that I loved having after my 1st was born was a year calendar! I could jot down little notes of all the cute/funny things he was doing, along with any new achievements or milestones. It was quick and easy, and I didn't feel like I had to be committed to writing in my journal everyday. I think it would also be fun to do during the pregnancy to record any kicks or movements, or other fun things about being prego. Anyway, I wish you all the best!!