Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pregnancy Weight

I get depressed EVERY time I step on a scale.... not necessarily because of the number, but because the number NEVER CHANGES! How do you lose those last 5 pounds from your pregnancy?!? Where is the magic secret? HELP ME!!!!

Okay, so enough with the dramatics and I'll give you a bit of background. I am the mother of two. I gained A LOT of weight with both my pregnancies (which I'd also like to know the magic secret for not gaining a lot of weight while pregnant - I ate fruits, vegetables, and crackers while I was pregnant and I'd like to know how I gained 37 pounds in 37 weeks; but that's another post). But, I managed to lose all the baby weight within almost 3 months after I had my first baby (a few extra pounds hung on, but when she was 6 months old I was back to pre-pregnancy weight). My kids are just over two years apart, so I know that when I got pregnant for the second time my body was back in shape and I was at my target weight. So I figured that losing the weight would be easy again. It hasn't been..... Right after I had my son I was so HUGE (and I was pretty thin after my daughter was born so that was a bit of a shock) and even 3 months later I still had 15 extra pounds! He is 8 months old now and I still have 5 pounds, and have for the last 3 months.... it's starting to worry me that those last 5 pounds aren't going anywhere. I don't think I want them around for a permanent house guest.

The other problem is that I'm still nursing. I am VERY hesitant to diet because it can cut back on milk supply. In addition to that - I have extremely low blood sugar when I am pregnant or nursing, so if I don't eat every few hours I feel like I'm going to pass out. That makes cutting back on calories almost impossible.

I do exercise every day. I walk or ride my bike with my husband in the evening, and I walk for an hour almost every morning (I don't run.... that's true).

Now, don't worry I'm not anorexic! :) I don't feel like I'm fat, and all my clothes fit (except SOME of my tops.....) plus I get told quite often that I look like I've lost the weight. So, no worries - I think I'm pretty thin. The problem is that I'd like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight because I don't want to gain 5 pounds each time I have a baby. Since I'm planning on having several more kids I don't think that a grand total of 20 extra pounds would be very exciting... for anyone. I'm really not complaining, I just need some advice. Make sense?

So help me out!

How do you lose that pregnancy weight?
How long does it usually take you to lose the weight?
Do you diet?
Do you exercise?
How is losing weight different when you are nursing?


Jared and Delia said...

I only have two kids as well, so I don't know that I can offer too much advice. I do know this...every pregnancy and I might add, post pregnancy, is different with each child. I actually hung onto the weight longer with my first (not until 9 months) and lost it too fast with the second (gone by 5 months)- making my milk supply suffer. I then stopped working out and eating a high fat and calorie diet and gained weight after losing it all to keep my milk. Who knows what will happen with #3 (don't worry I am not announcing :))? I KNOW that it is hard to not worry about it, but keeping this in mind may help. Once you wean your baby you can kick your exercise up a notch and go back to eating normally and I am sure, sine you are young, it will come off easy.
If you want to come to the gym with me (when I start working out again, after my baby starts weaning that is) please do!

Diane said...

Just get pregnant again...while you are nursing! Then it's impossible to eat enough...and you can lose your 5 lbs, or at least you'll stay the same when you should be gaining 5 lbs and it will all balance out! ;) lol. J/k. Ok, I'm sorry. I know it's not funny (but that was my situation). I really don't know. But good luck! I also maybe think that it could be that your body just wants to hold onto that while you are still nursing...just so it has an extra reserve to pull from just in case. I've never heard that, but I think it sounds plausible. I wouldn't worry too much until you're done nursing...and then you can know that your body is only taking care of itself, and it will probably be able to let go of that weight.

Roeckers said...

5Lbs!! WOW!! Go you!!
After four pregnancies, I had gained a grand total of 50Lbs!! None of my pregnancies were that close together. I lost all that and then some just to find out I was pregnant again. I am not looking forward to losing baby fat all over again!

One thing you have to consider is the extra fat and tissue your body carries while breastfeeding. Those last five pounds may fall off the moment you stop. You mentioned some of your tops don't fit, if it is around the midsection where muscles have been stretched then work on a few minute routine every morning to tighten those muscles back up. If it is the chest area then just wait a few more months and things will work their way back.
Good luck! Sounds like you are on the right course.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Thanks so much moms for the advice. I think you're right! I'm just overreacting. :) I just keep wondering if month after month if the last few pounds will ever drop off.

Megan said...

I remember feeling that way and like what was stated above, my last 5 lbs dropped after I was done nursing Lucas. So, hopefully that is how it will work for you!

Ben, Shauna, Cole & Adalyn said...

I know it is hard to lose the baby weight. But for me, with my first, I was nervous about my milk supply, and so I think I ate too many calories, because I went back to my prepregnancy weight pretty quick, but then gained it all back, plus some. with this 2nd, I went back quicker, but I think it has to do with exercising WHILE pregnant. And then I've been trying to just eat when my body, not my head,LOL tell me when I'm hungry, and drink lots of water. And surprising I'm past my pre weight. I agree though, I think after you stop breastfeeding, your body is able to focus on itsself, rather than making milk too. But I think if you really listen to your body, it really knows best! I think the hard part though, is finding time to exercise, to be able to help lose the weight. with two kids, it's not the easiest thing to do. I tried mornings, but with a newborn, and no set schedule yet, not the easiest thing to predict, unless I wait for the perfect time, later on, which means no shower till 2. Or after they go to bed, which almost never works, because stuff always comes up at night! So any suggestions with this as well?

Anonymous said...

You only gained 37 lbs! With my first, I gained 52, my second 48, my third 62! With my first I was able to drop 10 lbs more than I gained b/c I nursed her until she was 13 months old. With my second, I quit nursing him at 6 months b/c he was a biter. I held onto 20 lbs of that pregnancy until just recently! With my 3rd, I only nursed him until he was like a month old b/c his reflux was terrible and he couldn't lay down to eat! However, b/c of my schedule (you read my blog, you know!) I have actually lost 77 lbs this time (gained 62). I think the fact that I'm not nursing so I can cut calories & up exercise does make a difference. Don't worry Tannie, it will come off - if not now then when you quit nursing!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Holy Cow Misty! 77 pounds lost - that is AMAZING!!!

pawlyandsandy said...

So first off, gaining 37lbs is not "a ton of weight" in the books I've read you're supposed to gain 25-35lbs during your pregnancy-so really you only gained 2 extra pounds. For me during pregnancy I exercised regularly and that help me gain the 25-30 normal pounds.

As for those last 5 pounds, I kinda think you had less sleep with this baby than your last-at least it sounds like that from your blog. Sleep has a lot to do with your body's health. So I'd try to get more sleep, if possible, even take short naps when the kids do can help. As for getting rid of it now, I'd say keep eating those fruits and veggies. So when you're hungry for a snack, go for fruit or veggie first then you'll eat less crackers or whatever you normally eat-which cuts calories. Do the same at meal time-try to eat the fruits and veggies 1st.
Now I'm no expert, nor am I at the perfect weight for me, but here are a few ideas.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Thanks! You are right about the 37 pounds, it is just weird to me that I gain that much weight because I too exercised EVERY day and ate very healthy. It isn't that much, it is just weird to me that it came so fast.

Anonymous said...

I gained about 25 lbs during my first pregnancy and lost it all within the first two months. It was the nursing that did it for me -- in fact, I lost 10 additional pounds and had to fight to gain some back because I didn't feel healthy. I had never before had a problem gaining weight -- it was totally surreal. I figured the same would happen with my second pregnancy -- not so!

I gained about the same (25 pounds) but the weight didn't come off so easily. I'd say it took me a good six months to get down to within five pounds of my pre-preg weight. However, even though I was within five pounds, my body was totally different. I had to buy new clothes, couldn't fit into the same things I could usually wear at that weight, etc. It was totally depressing!

I kind of just got used to the weight, and decided this was the new normal and went with it. I was casually working out, striving to eat healthy but allowing myself to indulge occasionally.

Then finally I realized I didn't feel like myself and decided to go for that last five pounds like I really wanted it. I had an amazing experience over a period of three months where I worked out every day and went from feeling limited by my body to feeling totally empowered by it. It was fantastic!

I ended up losing not 5, but 7 pounds and have been maintaining that for almost a year now. Exercise was the true key for me. We do eat healthy (mostly because we enjoy it) but also splurge on weekends and special occasions. I try to limit my snacking (SO hard for me after nursing and snacking constantly and SO hard with kids who are constantly snacking.)

I found that core classes, pilates, yoga and overall strengthening did the trick. I was able to get rid of most of my flab and feel like I could wear somewhat fitted shirts again without feeling like I'd have a roly poly tummy.

If you don't belong to a gym and want to specifically work on your tummy area, check out Kathy Smith's Tummy Trimmers. It's a great video with ten minute segments -- when you first do it, it will feel impossible, but after a few days, you'll feel a difference.

Most of all, remember there's a time and a season to everything. Now may not be the time to begin your quest to get your body back based on nursing concerns, etc. Be patient and keep your perspective and I'm sure that last weight will come off in time.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Thank you soooo much for the advice all! I was just looking through some things I'd written (I'm working on a blog book) when I was pregnant with my son and I seem to be overly concerned about gaining weight while pregnant and losing weight after baby is born. I tend to blow things out of proportion (and if you know me, that probably isn't a surprise). I am not sure why this bothers me.... I wish it didn't so much, but it does.

I DO need to work out, and not necessarily to lose weight but to feel good and be in shape. I love to walk and ride my bike, but that isn't toning. I don't have much experience with that area.... I for sure need to get my tummy flatter so thank you VERY much for the tips.

I do think too that I will hold off until I stop nursing though because that is VERY important to me too and I don't want to risk my milk supply.

Thanks again!!